"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Playgroup -1.5 to 2.4 yrs

Toddlers are curious stars , everything is amazing to them. Not only toddlers develop their skills but their personality and sense of independence takes shape during these crucial months. Structured day to day fun filled activities enable the child to understand their self, their surroundings and their skills.

Social and emotional skills, language development, cognitive skills and physical development [fine motor and gross motor] are all given equal importance. Rhymes, story telling, enacting the role in a story, dance and music, ball play, imitation play, simple traditional games, scribbling, painting, group play, celebrations, picture books, nature walks are some of the activities designed for our toddlers.

PreKg – 1.6 to 3.5 yrs

Transition from a toddler to a pre-schooler is an exciting one and appropriate guidance for optimal all rounded development is crucial. More refined activities help channelize their energy and curiosity. Yoga, simple physical exercises, recitation of rhymes, reading books, individual activities for fine motor skills, group play, simple cooking sessions, extended learning through play and activities at home are some of the activities lined up for our pre-schoolers.

Group projects done at Lotus Leaf Preschools with teachers and fellow pre-schoolers help their social skills immensely. Counting activities, concepts and celebration days all make learning fun.

Prep 1 & Prep 2

At Lotus Leaf Preschool, we encourage kids to explore their own intuition, imagination and independence in a more constructive way. An array of activities enabled through peer companionship and individual work awaits them when they step into kindergarten [Prep 1 and Prep 2]. Activities for Prep 1 and 2 are designed so that more focus is on language development [letter recognition and sounds], reading & writing readiness and simple maths concepts.

Exploring the world around through simple hand on science projects, oneness with nature, fine motor skills development through learning essential life skills are part of the curriculum.

Games [indoor and outdoor] are effectively used for attaining the required physical development of the child.

Celebrations and special days are made even more special by active child/ parent / family and friends participation through "Kinship" program. A strong foundation is laid to make the transition to a formal schooling environment more at ease.

Extended care

As of today's scenario with both parents working , a quality day care facility is a must and that is what Lotus Leaf centres intend to offer. Lotus Leaf day care facilities are designed to compliment their learning process where activities, rest and playtime are well balanced. Each child is given individual attention and respect in a comfortable, caring and secure homely setup for the kids.

Our extended care team works with the parents to ensure the safety of the kids. All the staff members are well trained in handling children with utmost care.

Summer Camps

As we are focused on all rounded child development, we offer custom-made activities during summer camps. All out camps are balanced with exciting outdoor adventures to focused indoor activities to exploring various skill based sessions. Our summer camp themes range from "Phonetics" to "No fire Cooking " to "Slokas Recitation " to "Pottery".

Specific attention is given to team work , problem solving, self sufficiency and understanding the world around.

Contact your local centre for more details regarding summer camps.