Our Approach

"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

We have a very dynamic approach that weaves a seamless fabric of academics, art, music, and movement. A developmentally appropriate program with a strong emphasis on experiential learning is what we offer.

Our team of experts have devised a flexible program to meet the needs of the range of learners in a typical classroom setup - Open – minded, reflective , curious and well balanced to instil a passion for personal growth and wellness.

We value and support research to strengthen and expand our knowledge and skills in the field of early childhood.

Our Unique Features

Creativity and Expression

Connecting children with their ability to create and express themselves helps them become intrinsically motivated to learn and fully engage in life.

Differentiated learning styles

We carefully observe and assess each child's individual needs and interests . We know that learning comes most naturally when driven by child's interests, we adapt instruction to the learning style of the child but also keeping the set goals in mind.

Perspective path

Learning subject matter from different perspective supports cognitive development of each child and help them become more flexible and critical thinkers.

Playfulness and fun

Children's work is play. Joy, engagement and relatedness increase the possibility for learning, creativity which are required for rigorous and powerful educational experiences.

Self awareness and well – being

Critical for children to develop a profound sense of self, which involves understanding their own learning ways, social skills and strategies. Awareness of their physical and mental self which inturn connects to health, efficacy and resilience.

We firmly believe in the importance of critical self-reflection as an ongoing process of assessing and evaluating daily practices to identify areas of strength and weakness.

Our Traditional Indian Games

There is no need for any introduction for the traditional games played in India. Games played in India have a rich culture and heritage values.

They were designed in such a way that one can develop lot of skills like logical thinking, building strategy, sensory perception, vocabulary building, memory and concentration, team spirit, basic mathematics, aiming, gross motor and fine motor skills and lot more.

Traditional Games are perfect learning aids.

More importantly, they provide a perfect platform to increase the interaction between generations. We knew right away when grandparents of kids at Lotus Leaf Preschool instantly connected with what these games are.

Incorporated as part of our "Kinship" program where we work in partnership with parents, grandparents, we use these games as tools of extended learning in the home environment for our kids.

Grandparents are more than happy to be a part of the learning program.

We are very proud to have our motherland's traditional games as part of our curriculum as many modern games played around the world have their origin in these traditional games.

Some of the games that come as lesson plans are Thirudan police [Chor Sipahi], ezhukal [Seven stones/ Satoliya / Pithoo phod], Chain, One pot water, riddle games , Hopping game [hopscotch], Pallanguzhi, Five stones [kuzhangal / Anchankal], Poo parikka Varugirom [flower game] , aakku paakku vethala paakku [counting game] , Aadu puli aatam [ lamb and tiger game / adu huli ata], Chathurangam [Indian chess] etc.

The list is extensive and we know by experience, kids can't get enough of these games.