"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

In order to provide the best of learning environment for the kids, we take great care in our preschool infrastructure, ambience and facilities. All our centres are airy and colourful. A lot of emphasis is laid on child friendly infrastructure as kids greatly benefit from a positive environment.

Play is essential for children's development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about solutions to problems and relate to others.

Our entire curriculum is implemented through planned purposeful play, a balanced mix of adult led / child initiated activity, what we call "Effective play, learn and interaction".

Our centre's layout and various zones are designed in such a way that there is no hinderances for kids to move from one zone to another. Even our walls are colourful with stories, puzzles, themes and concepts.

Great emphasis is given to
1.Light airy classrooms
2.Easy transition from one zone to another.
3.Safety of kids at all times
4.Monitoring outside play areas


In order to make our centres a very stimulating and interactive environment, we have created various zones which can be used effectively during various activities. Listed below are a few of them..

Splash pool

Kids love water. All the giggles and laughter helps them unwind and relax, also a great way to improve gross motor skills.


We pride ourselves of having a well stocked library full of colourful books each of which tell a story. All our picture, word and story books reflect our traditional ways, our society and people. Kids relate to pictures very easily, eager to know what little girl named "Malli" is going to do, what colour will the rainbow be and how earthen pots are made.

Projector room

Our centres are equipped with a projector and large screen matched with cosy comfy cushions and kids sofas, our tiny tots are at once transported to a world of visual treats. A wide array of rhymes, animation movies and educational CDs are used to make best use of their time in the projector room.

Story corner

A designated space for kids to relax and settle down for a story with their peers and teacher. No set rules when listening to the story, kids can play with their imagination and weave their own story making story time a very enjoyable and creative one.

Puppet / dress up corner

Equipped with a theatre setting, loads of puppets and role paly costumes, kids are all set to enact their favourite stories. Sometimes they listen to stories enacted by peers, sometimes they are the story tellers and both ways their vocabulary, bonding with peers and imagination are increased.

Literacy zone

Everything regarding language is on display for the kids to explore. From alphabet charts to flash cards to alphabet puzzles, everything to make the basics of language interesting

Creative zone

Creative is all we can see when kids are doing their own thing in this zone. Paints, colour papers, concept stamps etc all kindle the curiousness of the child.

Game Zone

Our curriculum has our traditional games as part of lesson plans. We have designed a special game zone where kids are introduced to these games and taught how to play. Excitement and laughter fills the air as kids enjoy themselves playing simple engaging games.

Outdoor play area

Our outdoor play are is equipped with equipments for developing all the major muscles of the child's body.

Gardening ares

One to one time with nature – time to understand what nature is and how we are all inter-related. Kids have an opportunity to sow seeds, grow plants and proudly display their green thumbs.

Sand play Area

This area specifically designed to develop the fine motor skills.