Faqs - About Lotus Leaf Pre School

"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
(+)Why should I enrol my child at Lotus Leaf Preschool?

Curriculum, infrastructure, ambience, teaching methodology, personalised lesson plan for each child, child : teacher ratio, snacks facility, providing exceptional parental support for extended learning for the child, homely day care facility sets our centres a step ahead and above many preschools available in the current market.

(+)What kind of experience will my child have at the preschool ?

We aim for providing an all rounded experience for all our enrolled kids. We ensure that their day is filled adventure,yoga , games, story reading , group play, puppets shows, dance and singing sessions to name a few. Overall, kids have a very enjoyable learning experience at our centres.

(+)What is "Kinship" program?

Kinship is a program designed to involve kids and their parents/ grandparents and extended family and friends through traditional games and stories. There will be in-house sessions and activities to be done at home. All the inforamtion will be given to parents prior to starting the program.

(+)Is it compulsory for the parents to attend the program?

Yes, it is. This program is specifically designed to extend the learning experience to home and surroundings with the involvement of family members. It is flexible though but kindly discuss with the centre head regarding any doubts.

(+)What is the role our teachers at your centre?

Our teachers act as guides to enable the child to grasp concepts, so that the child can apply his or her own understanding in a much complex learning environment. Our teacher extensively trained in our school curriculum, child psychology, developmental behaviour patterns for kids 2-6 yrs of age. This ensures that each teacher is capable of handling even the most difficult behaviour patterns and helping the child to focus its energy in a positive way. Our teachers serve as a friendly companion for our kids at the centre.

(+)Will my child have a specified key-person at school?

At all our centres, kids have a specified key person who will be assigned to them when they are enrolled. This helps in forming a bond between the child and the key person which inturn helps the observation, teaching and assessment process to take place in a smooth manner.

(+)What is the mode of discipline at school?

We have a strict policy of "No Corporal Punishment" for any child. Guidance during activities and during their time spent in the preschool are conveyed in a friendly way. We have a method called "Positive Discipline" practised at our centres to help kids understand the importance of good behaviour. Kids will be kids and we do allow a margin of leverage when it comes to being naughty. Kindly talk to the centre head regarding discipline policy.

(+)What is the fee structure and payment methods?

We have a nominal fee structure for all our programs which are paid towards "EduVriksha Consulting Pvt Ltd". We have flexible payment options available. Kindly discuss with the concerned centre head regarding fees and payment options.

(+)If in case my child is not able to continue the program after 1 week of admission, can the fees be refunded in whole or part?

Fees whether in full or part is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

(+)What is the enrolment process at Lotus Leaf Preschool?

Our enrolment process is very simple but we have a "First come first serve" arrangement for admissions in our centres. Submit a filled admission form together with the birth certificate of the child, address id of the parent/guardian and passport size photographs of the child is essential. Payment of the registration and admission fee during the application form submission secures a place for you rchild at Lotus Leaf preschool. Kindly call the concerned centre near you regarding more information.

(+)I want admission for my child for Vijayadasami in the current year, what do I do?

We understand Vijaya dasami is an auspicious day for school admissions. You can reserve a seat for your child by paying the registration and admission fee well inadvance [during July/August] is recommended as it gets very busy during the holiday period.

(+)What is the Communication mode with parents?

Communication with parents are very methodical with monthly newsletters and term wise parent-teacher meeting. During the meet one to one discussion regarding the child, their progress etc are discussed. Once you enrol your child all the information regarding assessment, parent meeting etc will be given. The concerned centre head would be available to converse over the phone anytime during the day.

(+)What about transport? Does an adult accompany during the commute?

All our centre have transport facility that can be utilised at an extra charge. The care taker will accompany the child during pickup and drop.