Faqs - About Your child

"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
(+)How old does my child need to be to attend preschool?

We welcome your child to join our programs depending on their age.

• Playgroup [Toddlers] : 1.5 yrs +
• PreKg : 2.5 yrs +
• Prep 1: 3.5+
• Prep 2 : 4.5+

(+)My child is quite shy, is there a 'settling-in' period for my child?

Yes, we do have a settling time for kids which is usually the first 2 weeks before starting our assigned schedule. Eg. If the school starts the 1st of June, then you should understand that the first 2 weeks of June is considered as 'settling in' period.

(+)What is the timing for the preschool?

Preschool centre will be open from Monday to Friday. Working hours for Prekg is from 9:30 -1:00 pm. For Prep 1 and 2 – 9:30am to 2:30 pm. The school office will be open from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm from Monday to Friday and 9:00-12:30 pm on Saturdays. School will be closed on all Government holidays.

(+)How many terms during an academic year? Does my child need to attend all the terms?

We have three terms - July to Sept, Oct to Dec and Jan to March. We strongly recommend your child attends a full academic year to have the complete preschool experience

(+)What about snacks? Do you provide any at school?

Selected centres provide snacks for kids which goes by a set menu for each month. All the snacks are prepared in-house under very hygienic conditions. In centres where the snacks facility is not available, a set menu will be given to parents which will be a guide as to what should be sent as snacks to the school.

(+)My child only eats biscuits and sweets for snacks. Can I send these for snacks?

We strictly forbid any parent from sending any sort of bakery items, confectionaries or junk food for snacks. If during occasions snacks [junk food /confectionery /sweets] other than the permit ones are sent to school, then the school staff will give some snacks to the child.

(+)What is the teacher child ratio in Lotus Leaf preschool?

We make sure that any child gets individual attention in any of our centres across India. So we stringently maintain a healthy 1:8 teacher child ratio to enable one to one attention for the kids.

(+)What should my child bring to the school?

Kindly send a spare set of clothes with underpants wrapped in a plastic bag neatly labelled and brought to school on the first day. This will be kept in the school. Snacks and water to be bought to school every day in the school bag provided to the child.

(+)What about books and stationary?

All books / worksheets and other material pertaining to the curriculum will be provided at the centre. No need to bring any stationary from home.

(+)What should my child wear to school?

The colourful uniform given to the child during admission is recommended. This reinforces a sense of uniformity among all kids in the school. If incase the uniform gets dirty during any of the activity, the child will be changed to the spare set of clothes by our care taker. The soiled uniform will be kept in the child's bag.

(+)Can my child bring toys from home?

We do not recommend this but allow kids to bring something from home during the settling in period which will really help the child calm down and connect with the new environment.

(+)What is the language of communication at school?

The language of communication is English as it really helps the kids attain fluency at a very early age. Equal importance is given for Hindi and the child's mother tongue.

(+)What about transport? Does an adult accompany during the commute?

All our centre have transport facility that can be utilised at an extra charge. The care taker will accompany the child during pickup and drop.