Director Message

"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Welcome to Lotus Leaf Preschool. I believe learning can be fun and it should be fun especially in preschool. We at Lotus Leaf Preschools watch children grow and we learn right along with them.

Being a Doctor lived and worked in UK for more than 10yrs, exposure to international education system gave me a whole new perspective on what needs to be done during the formative years of a child.

The idea of starting a preschool was there at the back of my mind but the decision to give it a working face came when my daughter was about to enter a preschool environment herself, in India. I wanted her to have a whole, all rounded preschool experience without any hinderances. Kids are not going to benefit if they are planted in an environment foreign to their own for a few hours of the day with no opportunity of extended learning at home, with family, friends and nature.

We don't want the child to feel alien in his or her own homeplace. Today's parents had their childhood during the 80's and 90's like me, where the education system was very conventional. We cannot expect the parents to radically understand what alternative teaching methods are.

Hence Lotus Leaf Preschool was born to provide a conducive homely place, perfectly balanced between open-minded learning based on International teaching framework with our traditional values and environment in the form of stories, games and toys. This provided the perfect chance for us to involve the child's whole family a part of the extended learning team.

Presenting our Motherland's traditional games and stories as part of our curriculum provided the perfect platform for implementing our extended learning program "Kinship". Grandparents were and are more than happy to get involved in activities at our preschool centres and at home. Not to mention the strengthening of bonding and family time for the child.

This environment was not limited to my daughter alone, it opened its doors to anyone and everyone who wanted the best for their child. Before we know it, we were "houseful". Now our preschool brand is all set to extend its boundaries far and wide.

We strive to provide the same sense of security, comfort and peace of mind to other parents.

We welcome any parent who want the perfect learning environment for their precious ones to join Lotus Leaf Preschool.

We also extend our warm welcome to any "ASPIRING FEMALE ENTEPRENEURS" who want to join hands with us for a very rewarding business opportunity.

Welcome aboard…
Dr.Revathi Rangaswamy,
Founder & Managing Director.
EduVriksha Consulting Pvt Ltd.