"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

We believe our Pillar of Strength is our curriculum which is based on simple phrase " In Their Own Way".

Education is concentration of mind not collection of facts. One cannot teach a child anymore than you can grow a plant. It has to take its natural course, at its own pace. We help to bring out the true nature of the child – we only take away the obstructions.

Kids must have opportunities of extended learning where Intelligence and values work together. As educationalist, our ultimate goal is a statement of the child's personality , individuality, will , character and happiness.

Our pedagogy is designed to help kids develop their strengths, trigger their confidence and grow as responsible individuals. Detailed lesson plans, our teaching aids and supporting activities are scientifically proven to benefit children.

The curriculum is presented in a variety of ways – music, art, nature walks, field trips, role play, dance , stories and puppet shows,indoor and outdoor games, group activities, circle time etc.

6 Way Learning

Our curriculum is based on goals and values appropriate to the age of the child and environment. Though our curriculum is extensive it is flexible enough to personalise the program.

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and support that enables them to fulfil their potential. A child's experience between birth and age 5 have a major impact on their future life. High quality learning, secure environment and positive relationships between peers, teachers and society provide the foundation children need to make the most of their abilities.

Our Curriculum is designed based on modes of learning and aptly named "6 WAY LEARNING" method. Each learning method " active, extended, play, explore, enact and creative" concentrates on particular learning areas.

We are proud to offer our motherland's own traditional games as part of our curriculum, first of its kind in India.

All lesson plans , traditional Indian games and stories are adapted to suit our environment.

"6 Way Learning "curriculum seeks to provide:

• Quality and consistency in the learning process so that no child is left behind.

• A personalised learning plan designed around the needs and interests of the child.

• A secure foundation rooted in our culture and values.

• Partnership between teachers, parents, grandparents and society.

• Paving the way for sensible and responsible global individuals.

A Key person assigned to every child so that the care given to them can be tailored to meet the individual needs.

Active learning

Certain aspects of the curriculum are carried out through active learning sessions where self directed learning and taking responsibility for their own learning pace are set according to the child's abilities. Literacy , mathematical skills, traditional values all come under active learning format involving purposive, reflective and situation – driven activities and lessons. Active learning co-ordinates cognitive, thinking and analyzing skills which paves the path for knowledge construction and absorption.

Extended Learning

Parents are children's first and most enduring educators. Extended family plays a crucial role in the development of the child. Kinship program involves family participation, communication, child centered emotional support and value based learning which greatly influences the language, literacy and behavioural attitude of the child. Parental sensitivity towards understanding the skill set of the child and family bonding are set as top priorities in this program.

Creative learning

Creativity is a process which involves generation of ideas, looking at things with a fresh eye, examining problems with an open mind, making connections, learning from ones own mistakes and using imagination to explore new possibilities. Creative learning shapes the attitude, aptitude, capabilities and willingness to engage with the real world.


Play is what children do and that is what they need. Age appropriate quality play and the positive outcomes related to this stays with the child for life. Children play with complete involvement. Incorporating our traditional games into our curriculum has opened the doors to make the child understand what our roots are, taking the involvement of the grandparents . parents to100% and shaping the attitudes of the future generation into a Indianized global one.


Kids make sense of the themselves and the world around them through exploration.. By engaging, experimenting and understanding, children develop skills and strategies for life, which enables them to see themselves , represent ideas and feeling, grow confidently, address challenge and cope with frustration. Allowing kids to explore and grow at their own pace opens the doors to a whole new personality boost for the kids.


Dramatic play is an integral part of learning process. Our curriculum paves the way to enact stories and real life scenarios which enhances a multi – level development for the kids including expressing emotions, develop empathy, understand other's feelings, visualize images, relate to real life scenarios, vocabulary development, reading and writing readiness, gross and fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and visual discrimination. Confidence in public speaking and handling social scenarios with grace are bonus points.