About us

"Excellence is a continuous process , not an accident " - Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
We assure a whole new experience for anyone who is involved with Lotus Leaf Preschools. We intend to live by our principles in everyway possible.

Our Values

Integrity, Credibility, Team spirit, Honesty, Social responsibility, Enthusiasm and Respect.

Our Corporate Background

Vision, Values and Principals of service

Our Learning system

"6 Way Learning" Curriculum, Multiple forms of assessment , Classroom equipment and facilities and Teachers.

Our Quality standards

Internal quality assessment and external corporate system management.

Extended learning program "Kinship" – Wholesome radical program involving kids and their parents /grandparents and extended family as participants which embraces traditional indian games / stories to provide an opportunity for extended learming experience for the kids.

Vision & Mission


We envision a sustainable yet advanced education system , committed to excellence and innovation in Early Childhood Education [ECE] and create communities of creative compassionate learners who can build a harmonious world through constructive wisdom and teamwork.


Our mission is to provide a strong platform for our children , transforming them into responsible global citizen through our streamlined simplified approach which adopts the best of international teaching techniques with our country's own traditional values set against a backdrop of high quality ethical standards .

By providing a nurturing environment designed to build the child's 's self esteem, confidence, respect for themselves and promote academic excellence , we are all set to raise the standards of preschool education system in India.

Principles of Service

Whole child development

Encouraging all aspects of child growth including empathy, compassion, independence and social responsibility.

Child focused

All activites, play and work spaces are developmentally appropriate and support active learning for children.

Personalised learning system

Providing a tailor made learning plan for each child to bring out their own individuality.


We strive to provide a welcoming friendly environment to accommodate not only the unique needs of every child and give support to the family.


Open, respectful and transparent system which allows smooth communication between all members involved with Lotus Leaf Preschools.


We are morally responsible , socially aware and environmentally conscious in all that we do and tend to create.


We strive to form a "Pillar of Strength" in the society we live in by forming strong meaningful bond between our children, educators and parents.