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we build up the best education environment for children and direct them to express themselves at most

Welcome to Lotus Leaf Preschools. From our humble beginnings as a child activity centre to an organised corporate "EduVriksha Consulting Pvt Ltd", we are here to a raise the standards of preschool education in India through our chain of preschools under the brand name "LOTUS LEAF".

Children are our future and they are our backbone for our constant growth,consistent quality and committed responsibility.

Our ethos of commitment to Early Childhood Education is based on the quotes and dreams of one of the most aspiring leaders of our time Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

"While children are struggling to be unique, the world around them is trying all means to make them look like everybody else".

  • We, at Lotus Leaf Preschool believe that every child is an INDIVIDUAL. We pride ourselves for providing a perfect environment for their individuality to shine through.
  • Education is concentration of mind not collection of facts. One cannot teach a child anymore than you can grow a plant. It has to take its natural course, at its own pace. We help to bring out the true nature of the child – we only take away the obstructions.
  • Gone are the days where a common very rigid yardstick measurement judged the performance and ability of a classroom full of students.
  • Today's world demands "Global Minds and Outlook". From Thinkers to Artists, Astronauts to Composers, Agriculturists to Leaders, the potential lies within the child.
  • Every aspect of Lotus Leaf Preschool - Ambience, Infrastructure, Curriculum, Presentation of curriculum, Teaching aids, Supporting activities, Teachers, Extended learning opportunities at home and Parental empowerment are all carefully designed to lay the foundation for a strong global citizen.


Director Message & Testimonials

Director Message

Welcome to Lotus Leaf Preschool. I believe learning can be fun and it should be fun especially in preschool. We at Lotus Leaf Preschools watch children grow and we learn right along with them.

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  • Fantastic environment for kids. My son who was there all through playgroup and preschool enjoyed his time in Lotus Leaf Preschool. He went from being just playful to enjoyably playful. What surprised me was his articulate sentence formation. He started to express himself by articulating clear sentences both in English and Tamil [his mother tongue]. His confidence level in every aspect grew immensely.

    • Kirthik Pranav's mother
  • My daughter loved her school. I was very sceptical at first as she was a very shy and timid child. I chose Lotus leaf after a friend of mine highly recommended the preschool saw her face lit up on the first day at preschool. The colourful cheerful environment made her blossom. I could see the difference in her after the first month of attending the preschool. She welcomed guests at home with folded hands and said "Vanakkam". My eyes filled with tears when everyone complimented me and her. All thanks to Lotus Leaf Preschool.

    • Keerthana's Father
  • A very unique preschool indeed. So much of importance is given for the all rounded development of the child. The curriculum insists on introduction of our own cultural values, importance of the child's mother tongue, manners and social values. Good eating habits, hygiene are top on the list and weekly set menu and quarterly medical checkup for kids helps parents to keep right on track. It is a big "NO" for junk food in preschool which is such a relief. My son has started to taste new foods. Thanks to the school management.

    • Nanda Kishore's parents
  • My son Harsha has been at Lotus Leaf preschool for over a year now and we are more than happy with the entire setup. The staff take such good care of kids and work towards their all round development. He has learnt so much at preschool which he will take with him through life.

    • Harsha Vardhan's Mom
  • My son is in Lotus Leaf Preschool for a year now. I actually chose another school prior to enrolling him at Lotus Leaf who had convinced me that my son was way behind in development because he did not have correct pencil grip [he was only 36 months old then]. It caused me a lot of stress. When I spoke to LL staff, they reassured me that each child develops at their own pace. The kids are given enough time and space for development and are not rushed around with work or activities. Within 6 months of joining, he holds the pencils and colours with his own imagination sometimes with 3 colours to complete an apple. His artistic side is shining through.

    • Jerush's Father

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